Unspoiled beaches

Get away from the tourist crowds

st.peters poolSt Peter’s pool is situated south of Malta, in the Delimara area.  This swimming spot is the perfect example of an unspoiled beach and an excellent place for snorkelling.  There is not even a kiosk that serves snacks or drinks.  It is suggestively called a pool because it looks like a natural swimming pool carved into the rocks.  This also means that to swim here one has to jump into its clear waters from a spot on its flat rock.  One may walk pass this ‘pool’ and passing some rocks will find another beautiful area for swimming which is usually less busy.  This could easily earn the title of the best kept secret on the Maltese islands.

Fomm ir-Rih Bay is an unspoiled pebble bay that may be difficult to reach but it also means that fomm ir-rihit’s a very quiet spot for those that are seeking absolute tranquillity.  It can only be reached by foot (or by boat) and only for the more adventurous.  The beach is surrounded by vertical cliffs and valleys in a part of Malta which is mostly green.  As the photo suggest, the crystal clear sea in the area is one of the most beautiful in the whole Maltese islands.  The bay is also home to the famous Maltese freshwater crab which is very rare and slowly disappearing.  If you find the way to the beach too dangerous, head up to the cliffs and watch the views from the top which are simply spectacular.  This is the place where you forget about any worries you might have!  How to get there:  Directions to Fomm ir-Rih


san blasSan Blas Bay is a small but peaceful sandy bay on Gozo which can be reached from the village of Nadur.  The sand of the beach is the same as that of Ramla, therefore orange-reddish in colour.  Infact, San Blas can be described as a smaller version of Ramla Bay.  The beach is usually not too much packed up also due to the fact that it is not easily accessible due to the very steep hill leading to it.  A car can only take you half way down the hill.  The beach is very secluded and mind-blowing.  The countryside surrounding this unspoiled beach is stunning.


Kalanka in Delimara is another untouched bay in the south of Malta.  The area is underdeveloped kalanka coastlineand its high rock cliffs offer natural beauty to this quiet area.  Kalanka area is ideal for BBQ nights and camping.  The sunset over the limitless dark blue Mediterranean Sea along with the picturesque cliffs is quite a view.




Wied iz-Zurrieq is not a beach but a valley popular with both swimmers, fishers and divers.  The latter go here because of its clear and deep water with a depth that goes down to 30 metres.  The high cliffs make it a popular area for those that want to jump into the waters from a certain height, but that can also be dangerous.  Divers are particularly enticed by the ‘L-Ghar’ area which is a small cave-like opening (about 8 metres above sea level), above which the most popular diving spot can be found.  On the other hand, the most popular swimming area is the known as The ‘Skall’ due to the protection it enjoys from rough seas, thus a safe place to swim.  Form Wied iz-zurrieq, one can also catch the boat that transports you to Blue Grotto.



Mgarr ix-Xini is one of the most popular dive sites in Gozo for the wide variety of fish found in the mgarr ix-xiniarea.  It is a lovely place to swim but also a nice area for walking especially towards the tower which guards the site.  The bay, a natural valley with interesting caves, is truly a wonder of nature.



hondoq bayHondoq ir-Rummien is a small sandy and pebbly beach located in the village of Qala on Gozo.  The azure crystal clear colour of the sea makes this place a hot spot for locals and tourists alike.  Hondoq is also popular with divers, also due to the small caves at water level found here.  The bay offers undisturbed views of the island of Comino.


Dahlet Qorrot Beach in Nadur on the island of Gozo is a perfect tranquil place if you want to dahlet qorrotget away from the crowds.  The pebble beach is small but one can also stay on the rocks and concrete platform to the right side of the beach, where there are some benches, trees and colourful boathouses, owned by local fishermen.  These provide ample shade from the hot sun.  The twinkling turquoise sea is beautiful here and gets quite deep.  The area is in fact quite popular with divers.