Craft is an important tradition on the islands

blowing glass mdinaTa' Qali Crafts Village is located in the northeast side of Mdina, the silent city, and home to several local artisans ranging from carpents to jewellers and metal workers to lace makers and glass blowers.  It is possible to witness the craftsmen blowing and forming the glass.  These goods are then sold from several outlets around Malta and Gozo.  Entrance is free but the site may not be easy to find. 

Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts centre in Gozo sells locally-made items such as blown glass, brassware and jewellery.  It comprises of several gift shops each specialising in their own craft.  Here one can see not only the making of the glass but also the pottery and lace handcrafted which is a tradition in Gozo.  It is situated in the village of Gharb close to the Ta’ Pinu Basilica.  Handmade souvenirs are available to purchase.

Another typical Maltese souvenir to purchase is the silver or gold filigree Maltese cross jewellery found is every souvenir shop on the islands.