Malta's favourite shopping neighbourhoods

The main two shopping districts can be found in the Capital City Valletta and the buzzing city of Sliema.  Strolling through these areas one will come across a varied choice of shops like in any bustling European city.  Many of the stores in Valletta are set in renovated historic buildings which date back to the Knights of St John era.  No traffic passes through the two main shopping streets in Valletta and Sliema.  The latter offers some big shopping centres which will leave you hooked on shopping!  Parking is not easy in these areas, so expect to take some time to find a free space.  There are underground car parks before you enter Valletta and some small car parks in Sliema. 


Republic Street:  Shopping in Valletta is an experience in itself.  A long street, spanning around 2km, lined up with different stores, one after the other.  You will find everything you need here especially a vast selection of jewellery and clothing brands.  Keep strolling down past the main shops and the Court, you will end up in the recently renovated square where the Grand Masters Palace is located, a combination of the city’s old historical building and more modern setting.

Merchant Street:  As the name of the street suggest, this is a shopping street in the Capital city.  There is an open-air market everyday here, but also several store brands including Diesel, Exit and Levis along with others selling souvenirs and antique jewellery.  There is also an indoor food market of butchers and grocery stores.   



Bisazza Street: This Street has been recently renovated and closed to traffic.  One will find various clothing shops of different brands including Naracamicie and Sisley to jewellery, beauty products, home decorations and electronics.  The hottest brand names are found here!

Tower Road:  Situated along the Promenade, it is Sliema’s second busiest shopping street.  This street from where one can view the stunning Valletta skyline is quite heavy in traffic.   There are several clothing stores including brand ZARA along several jewellery shops, shoe stores plus bars and restaurants.