A regular

locals having a coffeeYou might think that Malta and Gozo have no secrets for you.  However the islands are so full of a diverse range of attractions that it’s easy to find new places of interest to visit for any visitor.  Here are a few suggestions to break with routine and explore other sides of the Maltese islands.


Take a coffee, relax and watch people pass by in one of the many cafeterias that can be found in many of the lovely squares of the islands.  You have already visited the islands and you can allow yourself to live the life of a local.  Some of the most beautiful squares include Republic Square (Piazza Regina) in Valletta while in Gozo will not want to miss Xaghra Square, St.George’s square (Victoria) and the main square in Qala.  Another wonderful place to take a coffee and watch people is at one of the many cafeterias by the sea front in Sliema.


Go off the beaten tracks in Armier Bay!  Located in Mellieha, opposite side of the blue lagoon in Comino, this bay is made up of two beaches;  Armier and little Armier.  The latter as its name suggests is a smaller in size.  This beach is quiet and not usually overcrowded, maybe because it is quite detached from urban areas.  Many locals have their boat houses situated in the nearby.  The sea here is beautiful and crystal clear similar to the sea of the Blue Lagoon in Comino.  The area around the beach is ideal for walks and picnics. 


Experience serenity in the Chinese Garden of Serenity!  This public Chinese garden in Santa Lucija, south of Malta is a unique garden in its type in the islands.  As any typical Chinese gardens, it is characterized by rocks and water, which symbolise life.  The garden, which is actually many small gardens divided in walls, is typically oriental with fountains, corridors and bridges in zig-zag forms and various doors, each symbolizing the various stages in life.  The great hall in the garden represents community.  The garden is the perfect place to indulge in your inner thoughts.


The Unesco World Site heritage of Skorba Temples is one of the oldest freestanding structures in the world.  Situated in the limits of Mgarr, this is the place where it is believed the first humans settled in Malta about 7,000 years ago.  The remains of huts have been discovered here which indicate that the first communities brought over with them knowledge making mud-bricks.  The site is only made up of a complex of remains but indicates that the early temples seem to follow a trefoil plan. 


Take a Malta Military Tour and learn about the British Military’s stay in Malta.  Visit the War Museum in Vittoriosa, Fort Rinella in Kalkara and the Lascaris War Rooms in Valletta.  At the War Museum there is a reconstruction of the daily life in Malta during war times and a showcase of how the Maltese lived throughout the war with only a 2 months’ supply of food and fuel. 


Take The Haunted Streets tour for an informational, fun, intriguing walk in Valletta by night.  Passing through the narrow streets of Valletta and stopping by various buildings associated with mysteries and ghosts especially St Angelo Fortress and St Ursula Street.  This dark side of Valletta will surely leave the visitors fascinated by its mysteries. 


If you are into aviation do not miss the Aviation Museum.  Located in Ta Qali, the museum hosts several aviation pieces especially from the World War II period.  Apart from several aircraft models, the collection comprises of aircraft engines, uniforms, memorabilia and air field equipment.  Don’t miss out the rebuilt Spitfire Mk IX and a Hawker Hurricane Ila amongst other artifacts.  The site was a former Royal Air force Station.


If you love wine, a Winery Tour is something to do.  Wine on the islands has improved considerably during recent years, and one will find several vineyards.  Tours can be booked in some of these vineyards providing educational information on the process of wine making and of course wine sampling.  The most popular are the Delicata and Marsovin vineyards, each organising their own festival in summer.  In Gozo, don’t miss out a tour to the Ta' Mena Estate situated on a valley on the way from Victoria to Marsalforn.  Several vineyards offer traditional games which kids would surely enjoy.  Remember, don’t drink and drive...Book a taxi!