Once a fishing village, Today a touristic resort

Marsalforn has changed itself by time from the most important port on the island to a fishing village and again to a tourist resort located on the north west coast of Gozo.  Prior to the Mgarr harbour, which is the present harbour of the island, Marsalforn was considered the main harbour of the island especially during the time of the knights of St.John in the early 17th century.  By time, it has been transformed into a small fishing village which used to be one of the main sources of income on the islands.  Today the village is an important touristic destination with hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars and several rocky/pebbly beaches offering swimming opportunities in a safe environment.  Compared to Xlendi which is located at the opposite end of the island, the sea front is wider.  The village extends also to the area of Qbajjar and the Salt pans which are used to harvest sea salt and are a natural beauty along with the adjacent Xwejni Bay.  From the Salt pans, one can walk or drive towards the unspoiled area of Wied il-Ghasri which is a stunning valley with steep rugged cliffs on both sides plus breathtaking views.



The village also has two playgrounds, the biggest one situated along the seafront.  There is a nice promenade which offers wonderful strolls along the sea.  Marsalforn also includes its own replica of Rio de Janiero's Christ the Redeemer, situated on a hill just off the main road from Victoria.  Marsalforn is also the main nightlife area in summer with a good number of bars along the seafront.  On the other hand, Marsalforn is almost deserted in winter.