Food & Beverages

Maltese traditional food

La Stanza Restaurant Fried rabbit with garlic and herbs (‘fenkata’ in maltese) is considered to be Malta’s traditional national dish.  It is usually served as spaghetti with rabbit sauce.  In Bahrija, one will find several restaurants who offer rabbit as their speciality.  Many vegetables and fruits are grown locally all year round thanks to the Maltese fertile land.  Surrounded by the sea, Malta specialities also include seafood.  The most popular are the dolphin fish (known locally as 'lampuki'), tuna, octopus, prawns, mussels, grouper, dentex and sea dates.  The islands are full of seafood restaurants and fish markets, notably in Marsaxlokk.  Located on the south eastern part of Malta, Marsaxlokk is famous for its fish market.  The picture-perfect village is filled with typical coloured Maltese boats used for fishing.  These are known as ‘luzzus’ and have the eyes on the outside and holy images on the inside.  Seafood restaurants are popular in the area at reasonable prices and offer all kinds of alfresco dining.  The Sunday market is quite popular where visitors can buy anything from fish to clothing and souvenirs.


If you are looking for a snack, you would not want to miss the ‘pastizzi’ which are diamond shaped puff pastries filled either in cheese or peas.  These are sold everywhere from street corners to kiosks and are eaten warm.   Malta also produces its own bread.  Traditional Maltese bread is known as ‘Ħobż biż-żejt’, where the bread is rubbed with tomatoes, while olive oil is spread onto it with the addition or mix of tuna, olives, onion and cheeselet known as ‘gbejna’.  The latter is a traditional small Maltese cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk, either served plain or coated in cracked black pepper.  The ones made in Gozo taste especially delicious.  A favourite to devour with a freshly baked bread is the sun dried tomato paste.  Bigilla, a dip crafted from beans, herbs and plenty of garlic goes brilliantly with the tasty water biscuits, galletti (maltese crackers).

On the desert side, don’t miss the Maltese nougat, made with sugar and roasted almonds or hazelnuts with different flavours, and honey and treacle rings which taste excellent.


A popular local snack is the Twistees which is a rice-based snack produced with different flavours.  Tastees is a variation of Twistees as it is bacon flavoured.

Make sure to have a Maltese platter during your visit to Malta and Gozo.  These comprise of a traditional selection of Maltese delicacies. 

Recommended Restaurant in Gozo's Capital City Victoria - La Stanza Restaurant 

Drinks and Beverages

The Maltese wines have improved considerably during recent times and one can find a wide range of tasty wines with different flavours.   Several wine festivals are held on the islands, most notably the Delicata Wine festival and the Marsovin Wine festival.   Malta also produces its own beer, known as ‘Cisk’ and its own bitter sweet soft drink ‘Kinnie’.  Beer prices are very reasonable ranging from one to two euros a pint.  Another popular beverage is the local limoncello.