Where tradition still lives on

aurora folk group gozoSeveral folk groups have been founded in the Maltese islands over time.  They offer national and cultural shows in traditional Maltese and Gozitan costumes, and re-create traditional settings such as the traditional Maltese wedding.  The first group founded was the Aurora folk group in Gozo, which goes back to 1973.  The group has not only performed in several feasts, bars, hotels and villages in the Maltese islands but has also performed in several countries in Europe.  Amongst other performances, they re-enact the traditional Maltese wedding wearing traditional costumes.  These folk groups promote local traditions and are an important part of the Maltese culture.


Featured Museum on Folklore

Gharb Folklore Museum  is located in the main square of Gharb on Gozo in a private house which dates back to the 18th century.  The museum consists of two floors with 28 rooms in total.  Visitors go back in time through a display of several objects and trades including sailors, shoe makers, wine makers, bakers, pharmacists, carpenters and millers.  There is also a section displaying family life such as kitchen utensils, rooms, vaults and tanks.


Folklore in Maltese villages

Folklore is particularly cherished throughout many villages in Gozo and Malta.  Qormi is renowed to be the first village that introduced bakery in Malta and still today a good number of bakeries can be found here (over 60 bakeries!).  The bakeries used wood to fire the ovens and run by 4th or 5th generation families.  

Zejtun celebrates its olive oil festival annually, end of September or beginning of October, known as Żejt iż-Żejtun.  Folk singers and dancers take part in this festival which sees a number of farmers carrying the oil harvest for pressing.  Oil spread on local bread is given for tasting.  During this time, children bring their pets in school for blessing which is a tradition on the islands.  It will be interesting to see the farmers on carts carrying the olive harvest for pressing and a number of folk acts dressed in medieval costumes parading through the streets of this village located in the South of Malta.