About us

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to assist the leisure tourist visiting the Maltese islands in all travelling needs.  We aim to do so by providing information tailored to the different type of holidaymaker and targeting different niche markets. We try to help in planning the vacation on the Maltese islands by highlighting areas with unique culture and history rather than tourist traps.”


Our objectives

Gozo and Malta are two small islands very close to each other but completely different from one another.  One will experience this feeling from the very first footsteps on each island. We believe that the tourist wants to see things that s/he is not going to experience anywhere else and this website aims to provide information aimed particularly towards this aspect. Other objectives of this website are the following:

• To provide the same coverage on Gozo and Malta. Other websites are either focusing on Gozo or Malta with only a small section on the other.  We aim to provide equal content to both where possible.

• Provide tourists with authentic information to properly guide them in their holiday choices.

• To promote Malta traditions and highlight the aspects that make the Maltese islands different from other European islands.

• To show what differentiates Gozo from Malta and vice versa analyzing different aspects including environment, native culture, traditions and gastronomy.

• Provide up-to-date relevant content.

• Particular prominence will be given to unspoiled areas in the Maltese islands. These areas are the hidden secrets of the islands.

• This website will try to promote local companies as much as possible as we believe that these are the backbone of our economy and tourists like to use local companies vis a vis international ones.


GozoandMalta.com went online on 13th June 2012.